All the answers to your destination wedding in France are here. Please let-us know if have some more questions about your french wedding !

How many guests may I host ?

50 guests spread around the 23 rooms.  A local hotel may host your guest overflow and provide with a bus shuttle if required.

Can I provide my own drinks ?

Yes ! No cork fee at Chateau Cheronne. We have enough space in our old stone special wine basement to let you deliver your own beverages up to 15 days before your event.

Can I choose my own wedding suppliers (photo, DJ, flowers …)

Yes ! We have a wide network of long term suppliers which we included the services in your wedding budget. But you are free to choose your own ones 🙂

Is there a time limit for the wedding party ?

No time limit, you may dance until the sun rises !

Is it possible to come for a visit ?

Of course and we do encourage this ! Please drop-us an email and we will arrange a private tour for you.

Meal menu and wine tasting, how does-it work ?

During your first visit at Cheronne, we will arrange a meal and wines tasting for you. This is usually a great opportunity for you to meet as well with your wedding planner and the hair & make-up artist.

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