CHATEAU DE CHERONNE – Your destination wedding in France

Easiest way to bring my guests to Chateau Cheronne ?

Wherever home is for you and your guests, we assumed that hopefully everybody should have plenty of options to reach Paris !

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A private VIP bus: (From Paris or another single location)

We negotiated very good deals for those trips. A private bus with driver will pick-up all your guests on specific date, hour and location in Paris (or another location) and bring them all to Cheronne.

The only conditions on our side for this are:

  • a minimum of 10 people
  • a single date / location pick-up point

A rental car (2 hours from Paris)

Our recommendation really ! As this option will give you more independence. A 2 hours trip door to door from Paris will bring you to Cheronne, with many touristic stops available on the way (ask-us for the list !)

By train

  • TGV Train (from Charles de Gaulle Airport or Montparnasse train station in Paris). Trip is 1 hour to Le Mans. From their either another 10′ by train to Connerre Beille station or 25 minutes in a taxi / rental-car.
  • Classic train (From Montparnasse train station in Paris). Trip is 2 hours to Connerre Beille station.

Alternatively the closest airports, train and boat stations are:

  • Paris CDG and Orly international airports
  • Tours and Nantes Airports (1,5 hour and 2 hours driving)
  • The English channel (4 hours driving from Cherbourg)

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