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My wedding menu at Cheronne

The Wedding menu at Castle of Cheronne. Prepared by our french local Chef, the priority will be to amaze your guests while using local products, recipes & unique cuisine.

Wedding menu at Castle of Cheronne – France

Waiter preparing wedding canapes to be served after the ceremony castle parc france
Waiter preparing wedding canapes to be served after the ceremony


Two salmon tartare with Lime

Gourmet salad (smoked duck breast, duck Gizzard, Egg Quail, foie gras home or foie gras)

Beef Carpaccio

Parmesan Cheese

Foie Gras with Figs

Land sea salad (delicious salad with St Jacques nuts)

Wedding main dinner

Hot starters

Saint Jacques Papillotte,

Foie Gras,

Baby Vegetables Crotin Warm salad,


Smoked duck breast,

Foie gras toast

Second & main course

From the sea

Back of Cod Sorrel Sauce,

Julienne Vegetables Saint Jacques fried Whisky Sauce,

Stewed Leeks Cod and salmon duo with Crayfish Sauce Provencal,

Mini Vegetables Back Fletan Roast Sauce Beurre Blanc,

Julienne Vegetables monk fish escalope with Provencal sauce and small season vegetables


Pork Filet Mignon with Caramelized Apples Guinea fowl supreme Trumpet Sauce

Veal Pavé with « Chanterelles » Cream Sauce

Beef with Foie Gras Sauce

Duck magret with green sauce

Rouge chicken fillet with morel sauce rented or champagne sauce

Side dishes

Provencal tomatoes “Gratin” of potatoes Mushrooms

Haricots Apples salardaises

Small Season vegetables

Three Cheese Plate Mesclun Salad / Croutons


Charlotte of Red fruit Cake

Plate of Sweets Gourmand


Three trim Verrines 3 chocolate cake with crispy nougatine

Strawberry or raspberry Montblanc,

exotic Bavarian

Or on request Wedding cake


A brunch served in front of the castle from 11am to 3pm. This includes:

Scramble & boiled eggs

Local ham and AOC Rillettes

Fresh breads



The, cafe and waters

Pricing & conditions

Price per adult : 79 €

Price per child : 55 € (for children aged under 12 years old)

This price includes meal preparation with chef supervision, service & cutlery.

The tasting meal is offered for up to 2 guests and some special menus are available on request (Vegan, Gluten free …)

This price does not includes your wedding drinks (Champagne, wines, softs and waters)


  •  your visit & tasting meal at Cheronne: we kindly ask you to choose 2 dishes from each categories. These will be served to you during your tasting meal at Cheronne. Please let­ your Wedding planer know your choice at least 15 days prior to your visit day.
  • validate your wedding menu, we kindly ask you to confirm the chosen dishes at least 30 days prior to your Wedding day !

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