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How many bottles of champagne for my wedding ?

Always wondered how many glasses a champagne bottle can serve ? All the answers here for a perfect wedding planning in France !

There are about six 4-ounce glasses of champagne in a 750 ml bottle.

Now that you know how many glasses of champagne there is in a bottle of champagne, do you know why is glassware so important? Champagne is served in flutes (tall, thin glasses) and coupes (tulip-shaped glasses) because they keep the champagne bubbles flowing to the crown, concentrate the aroma, and preserve the bubbles longer.

Waiter bringing french champagne glasses to wedding guests in front of the chateau
Waiter bringing french champagne glasses to wedding guests.

What Champagne should you choose ?! Traditional or Rosé ?! Brut or Demi-Sec ?!

Everything depends on the party itself. We usually talk to the couple to learn more about their style and the profile of guests. Knowing that, we can suggest better which champagne they should serve at the wedding.
But, in general, we usually indicate the labels “Brut”, as the “Demi-Sec” is very specific and not all guests appreciate a sweet drink. The Brut usually has more public acceptance.
Now, traditional or Rosé? This is a matter of taste. As the name implies, the traditional is usually served at weddings that follow a more classic line and are held during the evening. The Rosé is indicated for weddings held during the day and parties held outdoors. It is ideal for brides and when the couple wants to serve something different and to innovate in the wedding day!

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