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Wedding drinks packages and party bar set-up

Who is providing the Wines and Champagne for my wedding ceremony and dinner ?

As we our nice people at Chateau Cheronne, we decided to give you the choice between those two options regarding your champagne and wines
Guests enjoying champagne during a wedding in France
Guests enjoying champagne during a wedding in France

A > You provide your own drinks

We let you choose and buy your own wine & champagne. All you have to do then is to have them delivered at Cheronne at least a few days before your wedding (to let the wines settle a little before the bottles are opened).

The catering team will serve it with no extra charge during your event.

B > We provide the drinks

For an extra 21 Euros per guest, we provide wine and champagne (that you would choose during your meal tasting with the chef)

Is-it possible to have a Bar set-up during the wedding party / night ?

Of course this possible ! Our most common options tp have a bar for your guests during the night are :

A > your own bottles – no service

You bring some alcohols and we don’t provide any bar attender. This option is of course free but we don’t get involved in the organisation.

B > A bar with bar attender

Our supplier is setting-up a bar for your guests. The bar attender is having a extended in cocktails preparation.
The fee you will have to pay for this service will depend on which pack you prefer:  “pay as you drink” or “open bar”.

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